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6 Outdoor Night Games for Kids & Teens

Outdoor games between kids teach them coordination and cooperation. It is great if your kids like to play outdoor games. If you don’t know any outdoor game for your kids, don’t worry. The good news is that we have compiled a list of games that kids can play at night. It might be the birthday party of your kid or any other special occasion, kids just love to play outdoor games. Today in this article we will discuss some outdoor games that your kids can play and enjoy.


It is a great game to play at night. In this game, kids can be divided into groups. One of the groups hides and all other groups try to find that group. When that hidden group is found, they join with that group and hide together. The first group that finds that hidden group gets to hide next time.

Stay Still Statues

Two flashlights are required to play this game. In this particular game, two players act like a tourist and a tourist guide. All of the players act like statues. When the tour guide and tourist pass from the statues, they try to make them laugh. If a statue laughs or move they are eliminated. The last one who doesn’t move wins the game.

Flashlight Tag

You need a flashlight to play this game. Give flashlight to one kid and the other kids. The kid with a flashlight has to count 10 and try to find other kids. The person found will be tagged and will be eliminated from the game. The last one to be tagged then hold the flashlight for the next game. If you are interested to buy a flashlight for this game, visit olight store Germany.

A Lie and Two Truths

In this particular game, all the kids have to sit in a circle. Starting from the first kid everyone has to say two truths and one lie about themselves when all the other group members have to guess what is a lie and what are the truths. Always keep the olight flashlight with you. It is a great gadget to have while playing games at night.


It is a very interesting game to play outside in the dark. You need a little flashlight for this particular game. Before starting the game buy a flashlight from olightstore.

 Give us a small flashlight to one kid. The flashlight must not be very easy to spot. Give one kid that flashlight and he will play the role of firefly. The butterfly has to hide outside in the dark and all of their kids will try to find the firefly. The firefly has to turn off and turn on the touch every 60 seconds. In the firefly is spotted, the next kid becomes the firefly.

Capture the Flag

This is probably the most played game. Kids love to play this game. This game can be easily played outside in the dark. In these games, you need two flags made up of any material. Make two groups of kids. Kids have to try and steal the flag of another group, which is placed behind the boundary of each group. If the player of the other team is tagged while trying to steal the flag, he is put in jail in the designated area, the game ends when one team successfully steals the other team’s flag.

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