6 Secret Starbucks Drinks for the Holidays

You walk into Starbucks before work and you order the same exact drink you’ve enjoyed every morning, since… forever. But before you order, you hear an acronym or maybe a name of an unfamiliar drink that isn’t on the menu and your ears perk up.

Did your eyesight fail you? No! The new drinks are secret items on the Starbucks menu. Very cool!

Isn’t it time you tried something new? You could discover a new favorite drink!

Bry, a barista at the second largest Starbucks store in the nation, shares a few of these secret drinks with us.

Sick Tea
Are you feeling under the weather? Try the Sick Tea to get over the annoying cold that’s been lingering. The Green Tea and Eucamint tea bags with honey, lemon, and a hint of orange juice will be sure to soothe.

If you’re in the spirit of the holidays, try something that tastes like it! “Christmas” is an espresso drink with a pump of white mocha, regular mocha, cinnamon dolce, and peppermint. Bry explains, “Most baristas don’t know what it is, but tell them what’s in the drink if you’re in a jolly mood.”

Apple Juice Orange 
This Tazo Orange Blossom Tea with steamed apple juice is a perfect substitute for all of you who don’t like caffeinated drinks. Bry notes, “The soft taste will be sure to brighten up any bad day.”

Bootleg Brulée
If you’re in the mood for caramel, but the machiato just isn’t enough, order Bootleg Brulée. This creation involves adding two shots of espresso to any white mocha with a dash of toffee nut syrup and caramel. Sweet!

Dirty Vanilla Chai
You knew there was a Chai Tea Latte but this Dirty Vanilla Chai has the same strong taste, with a few shots of espresso for that extra caffeine kick. Next time you’re debating whether to order a Chai Tea Latte or something with more caffeine, order this to get the best of both worlds.

There’s actually a better alternative to hot chocolate for the kids. This drink is simply vanilla-flavored steamed milk. Bry reveals, “Kids like it more than the hot chocolate!”

Check out the menu below for some other sweet drinks to consider!