Fearless 6-Year-Old Surfer Will Amaze and Inspire You

I don’t quite remember exactly what I was pursuing when I was six-years-old, but it was definitely not beginning my career as a pro surfer and skateboarder.

For Quincy Symonds, who often goes by “The Flying Squirrel” (you’ll find out why in the video), her dreams of becoming the next sports sensation don’t seem too far-fetched. She’s a natural, as if her athleticism were an inborn, innate talent.

“The very first time I saw her out in the ocean she changed, she became a complete person,” says her mother, Kim. “To say that about a four or five-year-old might sound very strange, but I watched it happen.”

Quincy may very well be the most talented kid surfer and skater in the world. With constant and deliberate practice, she has been able to foster her abilities in a safe and encouraging environment.

She’s the perfect example of what happens when you follow your passion and never take your eyes off the goal.

Watch the 6-year-old surfer and skateboarder shred in the video above.