Grandpa Uses 6-Year-Old Girl as ‘Deposit’ After Forgetting His Wallet, and Never Returns for Her

A China man visited a spa for a bath and massage recently and used the oddest form of payment we’ve ever heard of: the 6-year-old granddaughter who visited the bathing house with him.

After receiving his treatment, the man announced he didn’t have his wallet and needed to go home to retrieve it, but told the spa workers he would leave the granddaughter behind as a deposit and pick her up when he returned with the money.

Mee Wang, the manager at the bath house in south-western China’s Yunnan province, said: “He told the reception that would leave his granddaughter Siyao, 6, behind as proof that he intended to return, and then left.”

But he never did return. The girl has been living at the spa for a month now, where the kind hearted staff members are looking after her, by providing her a comfortable place to sleep, clean clothing, use of the washing facilities, friendly company and food. They even arranged for a TV to be left on overnight when the center is closed in case she feels scared alone at night.

The Mirror explains the story was published in local media, asking the grandfather to come forward, but many people are outraged and have contacted social services in hopes they’ll intervene and get her out of the bathing house.