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WATCH: This 600-Year-Old Coin Found in Kenya Comes from the Most Unexpected Place Ever

When someone usually thinks of discovering a treasure, what comes to mind is a multi-million dollar discovery.
But that’s not always the case.
At least, that’s the story when the Field Museum in Chicago announced a rare find.
In a joint-expedition led by Chapurukha Kusimba of the museum and Sloan Williams from the University of Illinois-Chicago, a 600-year-old silver and copper coin was found in Kenya. Scientists from Ohio and Pennsylvania also contributed to the findings.
The extraordinary artifact has a square hole in the middle so that it could be displayed on a belt. Scientists have confirmed that it was issued by Emperor Yongle of China. His name is written on the coin.
Other human remains and artifacts were found, which predated the discovered currency.
According to researchers, the coin proves that trade took place between Africa and China before European explorers even set sail.
For years now, an international team of archaeologists have been seeking proof of China’s ancient trade with Africa. Upon excavating the site of a 16th century cemetery, they even uncovered fragments of Chinese porcelain in the tombs, which is sound evidence of a China-Africa relationship dating back many centuries.
Further excavation will be taking place at the location where the coin was found and hopefully scientists and researchers can get to the bottom of this significant breakthrough.

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