Which of the 7 Deadliest Sins Is Your State Guilty of Committing?

Everyone has their vices, some of them worse than others. But is there a geographical link?

A study by Kansas State University created a study to find out which states were guilty of the seven deadliest sins. The study decided to examine the frequency of traits commonly associated with each of the seven sins in comparison to geographical location within the United States.

The study calculated slothfulness by examining expenditures on art, entertainment, and recreation compared to employment per capita.

Greed was measured by comparing the total per capita income to the number of those living below the poverty line.

Envy was based on the number of theft rates per capita while gluttony was calculated based on the number of eating places.

Wrath was measured based on violent crimes statistics and lust was measured via the number of sexually transmitted diseases per capita.

Pride was a final calculation based on the previous six totals.

On the maps they created, red indicates a higher occurrence of the sin while blue indicates a lower occurrence.

So maybe your habits have been influenced by your neighbors, or perhaps birds of a feather flock together in the social melting-pot that is the United States.

Check out the Deadliest Sins slide show above to see the geographical breakdown of each of the seven deadly sins, and see how your state stacks up.