7 Super Cool Recycling Hacks for Your Home or Office

There’s a lot of trash in the world, and a lot of crap that we consumers have laying around the house. We don’t necessarily want to toss it all into that collective landfill because we suspect some things could be used again — but for what, exactly, remains the mystery.

Unfortunately, after looking at that same pile of “possibly useful” things for the hundredth time, we usually lose patience and toss it in the recycling bin.

Enter London Used Office Furniture, which created a really great article on recycling hacks — things you can do with all that random office stuff laying around your house. Check out 7 of our favorites.

Kitchen Utensils as Desk Organizers
Can’t sell those rusty old tools? Mount them on a post, wall, desk, or (in this case) wood spindle to turn them into useful holders. Found on Decorating Your Small Space.

Butterfly Clips to Organize Cords
Don’t you hate how your speakers or USB cords are constantly slipping behind your desk? Use butterfly clamps to keep them up top.

Bread Clips to Keep Cords Neat
Speaking of keeping your cords organized, this trick works well and could stop your kids from flicking these bread clips at one another. (Okay, that’s doubtful, but…)

Spoon Bag Hanger
Old silverware put to great use. Not sure the size or spoon thickness needed, but they found the idea on design-milk.

Cassette Case iPhone Stand
Still hanging onto that mix tape your first love gave you — even though that tape player in the closet may or may not work anymore? Give the gift to your kid by turning the case into something really useful.

Wine Cork Pin Board
It’s two great hacks in one: take an old desk or dresser drawer, glue all those leftover wine corks inside the bottom, and hang it on the wall. Perfect to tack down notes, it’s also a nice reminder of those many meals and happy hours you shared with friends.

Shoebox Charging Station
Hate that ugly power strip? With some wrapping paper, colorful trim, contact paper, or artwork from your kids, you can decorate an old shoe box to hide that strip and offer a convenient charging station at the same time. There’s a great tutorial on Every Day Family.

For more great recycling hacks, check out London Used Office Furniture’s article