Cannibal Animals — 7 Surprising Creatures That Eat Their Own Kind

It’s well known that cannibalism, or the act of a creature consuming a member of its own kind or type, is widespread across the animal kingdom. But admittedly every time we think of cannibals we imagine some little known, monstrous thing that lives in some isolated distant land far removed from us.

The truth is though, whether we like to admit it or not, cannibals are among some of the most easily recognized species around the world and some of them are closer than you may think. You may even have one in your house in the form of a pet.

While some only indulge in this practice on rare occasions, or are driven to it through necessity, there are also those that do it as an innate behavior. And from sexual to survival cannibalism, this act comes in various different forms.

Check out the slideshow to see some surprising cannibal animals above.