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7 WEIRDEST Things Celebrities Have Bought with Their Millions

Admit it! If you had millions (or billions) you’d buy some pretty wild and crazy things.

Just like the superstars that we’re about to discuss, you would have a blast figuring out the unique things you could purchase that no one else on the planet (or very few at least) could own.

The following superstars have gone the extra mile to spend their cash on one-of-a-kind items, that are making us gasp for air:

1. Amanda Seyfried Bought a Taxidermy Mini Horse

Who knew that this cutsie star had a thing for collecting taxidermy animals, especially stuffed owls. She took her collection to a whole new level in 2011 when she bought a three week old miniature horse. The story goes that the horse died of natural causes and Seyfried decided that she couldn’t pass the opportunity up to own the poor creature.

2. Lady Gaga Invested in a Ghost Detector

In 2010, Lady Gaga shared with Larry King that death fascinates her. Also, one of her crew members revealed that Gaga was convinced that she was being haunted by a spirit named Ryan. The star then allegedly shoveled out $50,000 for a ghost detector that reads the electromagnetic field wherever she goes.

3. Nicolas Cage Spent $276,000 on a Dinosaur Skull

In 2007, he was at an auction and got into a bidding war with Leonardo DiCaprio for a Tyrannosaurus Bataar skull. The artifact was 67 million years old at the time. The sad part about his purchase is that he was forced to return it after he was contact by Homeland Security. Apparently, the skull had been stolen from Mongolia and sold to the Beverly Hills gallery I.M Chait.

4. Paris Hilton Decided Her Dogs Needed a $325,000 House

Yes, she does have a thing for miniature dogs, but what we didn’t know is that she wants them to live in their own mansion. She had a custom-built and designed replica of her mansion created for her pups.

It is equipped with designer furniture, air conditioning and heat, a chandelier and a heck of a lot more.

5. Celine Dion Invested in a $2 Million Humidifier

This may sound crazy, but when you own a priceless voice like hers, you can’t help but want to preserve it. This is why she made a massive investment in a special humidifier to help extend her career.

6. Kim Basinger Bought a Town for $20 Million

The story goes that she was stuck on the freeway in Georgia back in 1989 and spotted a small town that she couldn’t help but buy. She was convinced that the town of Braselton could be turned into a tourist attraction and was a perfect spot for film festivals and movie shoots. Sadly enough, her investment didn’t pan out. She sold the town for $1 million and was forced to declare bankruptcy.

7. Rihanna Shovels $1 Million Into Her Hair

Looking good obviously comes with a huge price tag. Rihanna reportedly spends $1 million per year on caring for her mane. The question is… does her hair look any better than those who spend $1,000 per year? Probably…?

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