72-Year-Old Woman Arrested for Giving Out Poisoned Cookies

A resident of Slingerlands, New York was arrested by police from nearby Stillwater for allegedly lacing a batch of Christmas cookies with poison and then sending them to a Stillwater resident.

Joanne Jones, 72, was arrested and charged with Reckless Endangerment in the Second Degree after an investigation into the incident, which occurred in March.

ABC News 10 reports that, according to police, laced the fateful cookies with mouse poison and, to add insult to injury, laxatives, before packaging them and sending them to a Stillwater resident. The resident didn’t eat the cookies, but instead immediately reported the package to police, who initiated an investigation into the mysterious baked goods.

Jones reportedly surrendered to police and has since been processed and released with an appearance ticket informing her when to report to the Stillwater town court.