79-Year-Old War Vet Fights Off Armed Robber at Gas Station

Don’t mess with this army vet.

A gun-toting man thought he had an easy target at a 7-Eleven on Lee Road, Florida when he tried to rob a 79-year-old man. What he didn’t expect was for his victim to fight back.

Orlando senior Marvin Lail was filling up his gas tank when the masked robber walked up to him and tried to grab his wallet, saying “give it up old man” recalls Lail.

But instead of handing it over, the tough-talking war vet went into fight mode.

“He wasn’t getting my money, and he wasn’t getting my wallet and he had to kill me to get it,” he told reporters.

Even a gun didn’t deter him. “I think I could have kicked it out of his hand” he said about seeing the man pull out the weapon. “I was watching every move he made and I think I could have taken him.”

Eventually an employee who saw the men struggling walked outside and the would-be robber drove off.

Even though the whole ordeal was caught on survellaince camera deputies were not able to identify the masked robber, who is still out on the loose, and are asking the public’s help in tracking him down.

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