8 Things Every Woman Should Own By the Time She’s 30

For many women, our 20s are a whirlwind of boyfriends, networking and embarrassing moments. 24, 25, 26—these are the formative years we tell ourselves we must endure so we can reach the big 3-0 successfully, happy and completely put together.

But as we know, life is unpredictable and even at 30, it’s never the smooth sail we had hoped for. You may not be married or have the perfect job by your imagined deadline, but that’s OK. Your 30s are about progress, not perfection, and the easiest way to set yourself up for success is to start in your closet. These must-have items will help guide you to the woman you want to be.

1. Jewelry Just for You

By 30, you’re sure to have endured a heartbreak. But that’s a good thing! You now know your worth and what you deserve. Celebrate this revelation by buying a signature piece of jewelry from you, for you. Every time you look at it, you’ll remember how strong you are and how you should always love yourself first.

2. A Forever Bag

Toss the worn-out cloth tote aside and make room for a sophisticated handbag. Crossbody bags are still very much in fashion, and Coach has perfected the grown-up version of this versatile accessory. Splurge on a high-end, fashionable bag that has enough room for all your work and play essentials.

3. A Pristine Coat

Purchase a coat that you’ll get use out of for years to come. Look for something with clean lines, and make sure to get it tailored if it doesn’t fit exactly right in the shoulders, arms or waist. Shop for a coat that will complement any outfit, whether it’s a cocktail dress or casual jeans and a white tee. A camel-colored trench is a classic choice.

4. A Fitted Set of Lingerie

Set up an appointment at a lingerie boutique to get fitted by a personal shopper. Sixty-four percent of women are wearing the wrong bra size, according to a study by Swiss lingerie company Triumph. Shed the awkward silence and ask away if you’re not sure what the best bras, panties and nightwear are for your body. Even if you’re the only one who sees it, a fitted set of lingerie is empowering and essential.

5. Secretly Comfortable Shoes

No 30-year-old woman wants to be caught in shoes that kill her feet. Don’t worry, pointy toe pumps and strappy stilettos are still on the table, but it’s your job to do the legwork to find a comfortable pair that’ll last you for years. Hint: Keep the heel lower than four inches and go for a pair that has straps over the top of your foot for extra support.

6. A Vintage Find

Vintage shops are the best place to discover and enhance your personal style. Here it’s not about the brands, sizes or trends—it’s all about finding a one-of-a-kind piece that screams fashion to you. Whether it’s a necklace, hat or watch, having a vintage piece you can brag about helps make your wardrobe feel extra special.

7. The Perfect Interview Dress

Whether you have found your dream job yet or not, it’s always good to have an interview ensemble tucked away for a rainy day. Find a dress that’s the perfect blend of responsible and beautiful. And that doesn’t always mean the old standby LBD. In fact, it’s often a dress that isn’t black that brings out your best features and makes you feel strong and confident.

8. A Passport

Most important of all, every woman turning 30 should have her passport. Let it serve as a reminder that your life is a journey that doesn’t end at 30, and you’ll always be ready for a little adventure.