8 Weird Superstitions from Around the World

You probably grew up with a few superstitions: don’t step on a crack in the sidewalk, pennies are lucky if they’re face-up, don’t walk under a ladder, be wary of black cats. But have you ever thought about what good luck (or bad luck) superstitions people believe in from other countries and cultures?

Check out this list of traditions that may seem strange to us:

#1 – In China, the number eight brings great luck. Four is considered the unluckiest number.

#2 – Argentinians eat beans for good luck on New Year’s Eve.

#3 – In Brazil, it’s bad luck to let your wallet or purse touch the floor.

#4 – In Egypt, it’s bad luck to open and close scissors without cutting anything. It’s even worse luck to leave scissors open.

#5 – In Nigeria, it’s unlucky to hit a man with a broom. He will become impotent, and may even lose his genitals, according to this strange superstition. If an unlucky man is struck with a broom, he must hit the offender in return seven times to avoid this fate.

#6 – In Rwanda, it is believed that eating goat meat will cause a woman to grow a beard.

#7 – In Vietnam, students avoid Bananas when preparing for exams. Apparently because Bananas are slippery, the word “slip” sounds exactly the same at the Vietnamese word for “fail” it is best not to tempt fate.

Bonus: Don’t chew gum at night in Turkey. Apparently, the superstition goes that at night the gum turns into the flesh of the dead. Gross!