What a 8,000 Calorie Breakfast Looks Like (And Where You Can Get It)

There is now a breakfast that has enough calories to make you gain more than two pounds with just one meal.

The Bear Grills Café in South Congleton, Manchester features a whopping 8,000 calorie breakfast that’s being offered as part of a challenge for the most daring of diners. For £19.95, or about $32, customers can attempt to finish off the massive plate for a chance to win £100, or $160. So far, and this isn’t surprising, no one has been able to complete the challenge.in-post-bfast

So what exactly does The Hibernator, as it’s called, consist of? It features eight eggs (four fried and a four-egg cheese omelet), eight sausages, eight pieces of thick bacon, four pieces of toast, four waffles, four pieces of fried break, four black puddings, four hash brown patties, a side of fries, mushrooms, beans and tomatoes and a massive strawberry milkshake.

Oh yeah, and you have to sign a health waiver if you’re going to attempt this feat, according to Uproxx.

We’re thinking we’re just going to stick to our oatmeal and tea breakfast for now.

Watch a man attempt the challenge — and fail miserably — in the video above.