The 9 Most Beautiful, Envy-Worthy Celebrity Hair

Beautiful hair comes in all lengths, textures, styles and colors.

There is no one standard for the perfect hair, but we know certain qualities, such as shine, strength, and volume make for a healthy, happy mane.

Hollywood celebrities display many of these qualities. After all, part of their job is to look great — and they have teams of people dedicated to help bring out the absolute best in them. Plus, the products they use that keep their hair in incredible shape is top tier. That might be why it’s tough to find someone in Tinseltown with damaged, dry, or boring strands. But while you can easily point to almost any celebrity and see a beautiful head of hair, there are a few whose hair game is at a whole different level.

Certain starlets have the luscious, glamorous, beautiful locks of our dreams. From mile-long hair to perfect ringlets to blinding shine, and incredible bounce, the nine celebs above are the embodiment of ideal hair. And these stars don’t just look great when they’re done up on the red carpet, their hair is gawk-worthy pretty much all the time. In fact, we have a feeling that they just roll out of bed with amazing hair, because unlike your makeup and outfit, you can’t just put on great hair health. If you have strands that are healthy and soft, they’re going to be that way all day long. Sure you can style them a certain way for the day ahead, but the foundation is what counts for hair. And these women have a great foundation to build on.

Check out the slideshow above for the most beautiful Hollywood hair and let us know who you think has the best mane in the land.