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Serial Killers as Children: 9 Photos

Photo: YouTube

Do you think some people are just born evil? While there are countless theories about why humans commit unspeakable evils, none of them are particularly comforting.

It has been said that human behavior is never more than 50 percent determined by a person’s genetics.

According to Brian Masters, who has written several biographies about mass murderers, every human being has the capacity to commit wicked acts. Although, those likely to murder other people usually show early symptoms in their childhood. Serial killers often have blunted emotions, an inability to feel guilt or remorse, as well as impulsive inclinations.

Statistics show that over 90 percent of serial killers are male.

Typically, serial killers as children are born into families with psychiatric, criminal and alcoholic histories, are commonly abused (sexually, psychologically and physically) as children, and tend to be involved with cruel activity, including torturing small, innocent creatures.

Looking at these photos of some of history’s most notorious serial killers as children, you begin to wonder when their innocence began fading and you try to fathom how in the world they were capable of committing such atrocious acts.

Whether or not these serial killers were motivated by nature or nurture, as a society, we cannot ignore the evil that exists in this world.

Albert DeSalvo

Photo: YouTube

Between June 14, 1962 and January 4, 1964, he killed 13 women in the Boston area.

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