Critical Questions to Ask When Booking a Hotel Room

Travel, be it for business or pleasure, can be an exciting adventure or the biggest stress headache. Being away from home is not always the easiest thing, but your lodgings are key to whether or not you have a good experience. Here are some quick tips for planning ahead.

First off, know what type of accommodation you’re about to book. Hotel and motel layouts can differ, meaning variations in room access, noise levels, privacy, and room views. Typically, hotels have enclosed hallways and multiple floors of rooms. While motels can be cheaper, they also can mean higher noise pollution and exposed room access. Call ahead to ask directly about building specifics, and to make requests based on your personal preferences.

Before you go about finding a place to stay, it’s also helpful to make a list of personal preferences or special accommodations that you require. This will guide you towards the questions you need answered the most, and that will guarantee a smooth journey if dealt with before you ever leave your home.

Details from taxes, fees, and amenities, to important deadlines you need to know all factor into the efficiency and satisfaction of your experience. There are an abundance of travel tips for travelers with the goal of securing nice but budget-friendly accommodation.  Check the slide show above for other critical questions to ask when booking a hotel room.