9 Signs Someone Is Trying to Contact You From Beyond the Grave

If you’ve lost a loved one, you are probably wondering if they’ve ever tried to contact you from the other side. Or maybe you’ve had paranormal experiences that make you wonder if a lost soul has tried to speak to you from the spirit world, to get some last message delivered to the world of the living.

Either way, you’re probably wondering if there are any signs that can verify that someone, or something, has tried to contact you from beyond the grave.

Here are some common clues that experts say are likely signs that someone is trying to contact you.

Physical Sensations

Experiencing certain, inexplicable physical sensations is one common indicator that someone is trying to contact you from the other side. Do you feel a brush to your elbow when there is no one else around? Perhaps you smell their familiar fragrance out of the blue, or even hear their voice calling out to you.

Lights Flickering

If lights flickers, or lightbulbs suddenly go out for no apparent reason, it could be explained by a spirit trying to reach out, according to Sue Nicholson who works as a psychic medium. This is particularly true if the lightbulb is brand new, or frequently replaced.

Instead of calling an electrician, why not try asking to check who is there on the other side.

Phone Ringing One Time or Unknown Numbers Calling

Another indication is if you received calls from a deceased loved one’s phone number, or if you get strange calls that only ring one time. Other people who have lost relatives or experience contact with spirits report receiving phone calls from unknown numbers, and getting only empty static on the other line when they answer.

Items Moving or Going Missing

Is there something in your house that keeps going missing, even when you’re 100% certain of where you left it? Do you set something down, only to find it in a completely different place with no explanation? Don’t worry, you’re not losing your mind. It could be someone trying to send you a little message from the other side.

Shadows That Move in the Corner of Your Eye

Flickers of movement that appear and disappear in your peripheral vision—that you can see from the corner of your eye but vanish when you turn your head to look—could be the presence of a spiritual visitor trying to get your attention.

Temperature Changes in a Room

A change in room temperature not linked to the current weather can be a sign that a spirit is nearby, although Nicholson says this is not as common an occurrence as others.

Clocks Stopping or Seeing Significant Numbers

People who believe they have been contacted by the deceased sometimes report clocks that seem to stop at the same time, or in other cases are shown repeating numbers—for instance, 11:11, or other more personal numbers of significance.

Floating Orbs

A more obvious way that spirits manifest is in the balls of light or floating orbs that sometimes appear in photographs. This can be a simple way for a spirit to show that they are around.

Dream Visitations

When we dream of a loved one, it might just be fond memories and the yearnings of our subconscious, but the dream state is always a conduit to communication to the spirit world—and a way for those on the other side to speak directly with their loved ones.