How to Cure a Hangover – 9 Natural Tricks

Wondering how to cure a hangover? If you’ve ever had too much alcohol to drink, you probably wish someone had told you about these tips below — which offers more sound advice than “drink lots of H20” or “sleep it off” (though those two remedies are helpful to know). Keep it in mind for the next time you indulge, and see if these natural hangover solutions will work for you.

We’ve got the quick list above, with more info down below in the article. Cheers!

1. Vitamins
Studies have found that B-Complex vitamins (B1, B2, B3, B6, and B12) can help overcome hangover symptoms by restoring energy production to your aching body.

2. Coconut Water
Drown down all those vitamins with fancy coconut water. The Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) says coconut water contains the same electrolytes found in our blood (sodium, potassium, chloride, and bicarbonate). Once your electrolytes are rebalanced, you’ll start feeling like your self again!

3. Bland Foods
You know the myths—junk food is said to be the hang-over food of choice. According to the Mayo Clinic though, bland food like toast and crackers are your best bet for bringing your blood sugar level up and keeping your food down. If you want to go for greasy-fatty items, do it before you drink. The fat in the foot will slow alcohol absorbtion.

4. Globe Artichoke
Feeling bloated and nauseous? Artichokes are recommended by holistic doctors to reduce the main symptoms of hangovers, and protect your liver cells from the negative effects of alcohol.

5. Eggs
If you’re not a fan of the green veggie above, cooked eggs are known to contain an amino acid called “cysteine” responsible for helping to detoxify the body.

6. Lemon in Your Armpits 
We know, it sounds like the pits. But Puerto Ricans swear rubbing a slice of lemon or lime in your armpit before drinking will subdue the effects of a hangover. Used afterward, it’s said to help hydrate you. And of course, if it doesn’t work you have a nice citrus deodorant scent working for you.

7. Milk Thistle
This liquid herbal extract is said to work as a “liver tonic,” meant to counteract the bad effects done to your liver by excessive drinking.

8. Evening Primrose Oil
Passed down through generations as a alleged hangover cure, the oil from the primrose is said to help liver function and aid in stomach discomfort, while helping along liver function. Don’t forget to take it with a grain of salt (pun intended) as study results suggest that can help.

9. Exercise to Sweat It Out
Don’t bother with the gym sauna — you can’t sweat the booze out of your pores. But exercise is known to raise endorphin levels, helping you to get back to a healthy mind and body.