90-Year-Old Gets Reunited with Wallet He Lost Nearly Seven Decades Ago

Everyone probably knows what it feels like to lose their wallet, or simply misplace it. It can be a frustrating and scary experience — identity theft, anyone?

But when Edward Parker lost his leather wallet 65 years ago behind a bookcase in Lambeth Palace, he wasn’t worried about having his identity stolen or someone pocketing his cash. In fact, he was more concerned about the treasured memories he kept inside.

Parker carried around various photographs with him at all times, including those of his wife Constance.

The wallet stayed missing until this year, when it was discovered by a builder restoring the palace.

According to BBC, with some assistance he was able to determine that Parker was still alive and track him down.

Today, Parker, who is suffering from dementia, lives with his wife in a care home in Essex, London.

Check out the awesome photos of the missing wallet above.


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