911 Call: ’90s Rock Star Scott Stapp Threatened to Kill Obama

Scott Stapp, the former frontman for ’90s rock group Creed, was placed on a 72-hour psychiatric hold last month after publicly confessing via Facebook video that he was broke and living in a Holiday Inn. According to a 911 call recording obtained by TMZ, Stapp’s estranged wife tried to have him committed once more after he told her he was a CIA agent on a mission to assassinate President Obama.

In the call recording, contained in the video below, Stapp’s wife Jaclyn and her sister warn the 911 operator that he left his home just after being released from the mental hospital, and was now riding around town on a bike, shirtless, carrying a 400 – 600 page stack of documents relating to his supposed assassination plot.¬†Jaclyn says on the call that she has no idea what to do, and confesses “I love him.”

TMZ reports that Stapp was not committed again after this incident. As police were dispatched, Stapp called 911 himself, claiming his wife stole his truck, which is why he was on a bike. Once police arrived, he told them Jaclyn had stolen $6 million from him. She tried to have him committed again, but police determined he did not show enough signs of mental illness to warrant being locked away.