WATCH: Chilling 9/11 Calls from the Twin Towers — The Stories of Family Members & Friends Who Received Them

911 calls from the twin towers

Warning: These recordings are graphic and are quite troubling. Proceed with caution.

The horrific attack on the World Trade Center on 9/11 resulted in a web of stories that will be told until the end of time. Stories include those shared by survivors who were able to escape the wreckage, those who saw the attack from afar, and those of the family members and friends of the dead.

Each story reveals the ultimate truth behind this life on earth – it is fragile and unpredictable.

The above video tells the stories of friends and family members who received calls from their loved ones who were stuck in the towers. While these audio recordings are sad and very troubling, those who own them feel it is important they are shared with the world.