WATCH: Experience 9/11 from Inside the Towers in Controversial Virtual Reality Game

Do you want to know what it was like to be inside the World Trade Center the moment the planes struck and the buildings went on fire? Well, there’s a new virtual reality simulator called “08:46” and it’s got people all worked up. Some people think it’s a brilliant game, others think the whole concept is unethical.

A short trailer for the game opens with the player inside an office when a co-worker receives a phone call. Soon after taking the call, the office worker calls the player over and they exchange a file just before the plane hits the tower. You hear the plane hit before there’s screaming from people in the building. Then, the lights go out. a security guard shows up and the character follows him into the dark hallway with a flashlight.

The game tries to fully capture the experience of being trapped in the doomed towers but it’s still not clear how graphic the finished version of the game will be when the creators are finished.

Despite much vocal criticism (critics are calling it “sick”), the simulator’s creators told the Daily Mail: “08:46 is a narrative driven experience designed for virtual reality, which makes you embody an office worker in the North Tower of the World Trade Center during the 9/11 events, emphasizing the victims’ point of view.”

The creators of “08:46” said that the video was “based on countless hours of research” and was designed “to try to properly recreate the atmosphere and dynamics within the top floors of the towers.”

The game was designed and developed as a school project during three months by a six member team. It’s not clear when the finished product will be unveiled but you can see the trailer above.

What do you think about this game? Is it awful or educational?