Texas’s 99 Pack of Beer Will Keep You Drunk For Days

At least you won’t have to drive back to the liquor store to pick up more drinks after the night’s begun.

Austin Beerworks, based in Texas’s capital city, came up with the ingenious idea that is the 99-pack of beer — a bulk item that’ll give even a large party a pretty good buzz. Because, hey, everything is bigger in Texas, right?

The pack looks a bit like a cannon, and it’s incredibly difficult to maneuver, as you might imagine — it’s roughly eight feet long. Don’t buy this bulk case of beer alone. Unless you’re the incredible Hulk, you’ll need at least one friend to get this out of the store and back home. It’ll be easier if you have a pickup truck for transport too.


For now, the 99 pack of beer is only available in Austin, Texas and the brewery is only producing a limited number of them. Interested buyers will have to follow the company on Facebook to find out when and how to purchase one for themselves. Being near Austin couldn’t hurt either.

If this interests you, here’s hoping the innovation catches on and comes to your town. Until then, good luck getting a deal on nearly 100 cans of beer. You can always dream.