A Bride-to-Be Left for Dead in a Shallow Grave Lives to Tell the Tale

A seemingly happy couple was walking along the coast when they got into an argument as many couples do. But what happened next is nothing short of awful.

Days later, Stacey Gwilym, 34, managed to crawl out of a makeshift grave of twigs and leaves which her fiancé, Keith Hughes, 39, dug for her.

Hughes left his soon-to-be wife for dead after a brutal attack on her, just months before their wedding.

When police arrested and questioned Hughes, he told them: “You’ll never find her” but he was shocked when they told him, “She’s alive.”

After finding out that his bride wasn’t dead, Hughes backed down, panicked and said he hadn’t intended to kill her. “I regret what I did that day,” he added. He also claims to not remember telling authorities that they’d never find Gwilym’s body.

“We were both shouting and arguing, things became heated,” he told the court. “I lost my temper. I just wanted her to stop saying things about me … We were both saying horrible things to each other. She was hitting me, going mad. I wanted her to calm down.”

As for why he’d tried to strangle Gwilym to death, he said “my hands moved to her neck.”

Apparently, he’d mistaken Gwilym for being dead when she had only temporarily lost consciousness.

What’s most disturbing about this case is that the couple had a history of domestic violence. In 2013 Hughes was imprisoned for three years and nine months on three charges of assault on Ms Gwilym and one of false imprisonment. When he got out, they began seeing each other again and in July 2015 she agreed to marry him.

Hughes now faces life imprisonment after being found guilty of attempted murder.

Gwilym, says: “I’ve been through a terrible time and the case has been horrible… It was absolutely terrifying but I just want to move on with my life. I need to make a fresh start without him in my life.”