VIDEO: Proof Lions Are Just Big, Beautiful House Cats

What better way to honor Cecil the Lion than to show you how some people truly respect wildlife? Here’s a video of someone who respects lions!

Wildlife photographer, Chris McLenna, was on assignment in Botswana when he decided to do something different in order to capture some really intimate moments with these big cats. He mounted a camera on a remote-control toy car and sent it over to a pride of lions (isn’t that a great word for a group of these beauties?).

Awakened from their naps, you see the lions looking at the little car approaching them with mild curiosity at first. As the car inches closer, they all gather together and get up close and personal with the camera, which made for some amazing close-ups of these animals.

The video above is amazing in that it captures both the stills from the mounted camera and the footage that was simultaneously shot of the lions’ reactions to the toy car interrupting their nap.

For all of you who were really upset by what the American hunter did to Cecil, you should know that this tragedy wasn’t an isolated incident. Lions are currently extinct in 26 countries, according to Panthera, a wildcat conservation group. Only 20,000 remain in the wild, which is down from a global population of 200,000 in the 1950s.

Hopefully, people will catch a clue and learn that the way Chris McLenna and other wildlife photographers capture photos of lions is how real men shoot animals in the wild.