A Florida Hooters Frying Basket Saves Six Adorable Ducklings

The usual connection between a fryer and birds is fried chicken wings, right? Wrong. And the obvious connection between chicks and Hooters is, well, you know… But the chicks at a Hooters in Florida saved another set of chicks recently, after the manager and another employee found six stuck ducklings in a drain.

The six mallard ducklings had fallen into a storm drain outside the Hooters restaurant. After falling in, the ducklings were chirping for help while their parents anxiously flew above them without any way of getting their babies to safety. Sad, right?

When animal control and firemen then came on the scene, they opened a water hose on the babies as a way of sending the ducklings to a bigger opening, where officials leaned down into the four foot storm drain and waited for them to swim by so they could pick them up. However, these ducklings were so little that they kept falling through the net being used to scoop them up!

That’s when a Hooters employee came out with a frying basket and saved the little ducklings’ lives. All six were rescued and reunited with their parents. Hopefully, the fryer they used didn’t smell like the aforementioned chicken wings (the ducklings’ less fortunate cousins).