A Guy Steps Onto an Airplane and Meets His Doppleganger, Things Get Weird Fast

One tweet has gone viral that shows two identical men, but it’s the story behind the photo that has people around the world captivated.

The men, although nearly identical, had never met each other before in their lives. The photo was taken on a plane, when Neil Thomas Douglas who was traveling from Glasgow to Stansted boarded a Ryanair flight. Douglas got to his seat to discover someone already there.

Douglas’ friend, who tweeted the remarkable photo, explained what happened to BuzzFeed News:

“He asked him to move and when the guy looked up, he though “Holy shit, he looks like me.” They had a big laugh about it – everyone around them had a laugh, they took a selfie and that was it.”

The parted ways, and apparently didn’t even think to ask each others’ names. But then things got weird. And kept getting weird. When Douglas arrived at his hotel, his doppleganger was already checking into the same hotel. Later in the evening when Douglas decided to go to a local pub, the two men ran into each other yet again—snapping another photo together as they shared a pint. dopplegangers on plane They parted ways again, and Douglas’ friend shared the photo on Twitter, where it started picking up steam. That’s when a third man shared a photo of himself after his friends shared the story with him, because he happens to also look exactly like the first two. More people have tweeted in with an uncanny resemblance as well.

They say that everyone has a doppleganger, but it’s pretty rare that you actually meet them!

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