A Man Tried to Take a Selfie with a Rattlesnake and This Is What Happened to His Arm

A San Diego man suffered a horrific rattlesnake bite, and almost lost his life after he allegedly tried to take a selfie with one of the venomous reptiles. Apparently he came across the snake in some underbrush, and decided to pick it up and snap a quick pic with the creature.

The snake bit him on the arm, forcing Todd Fassler to be rushed to the hospital for emergency treatment.

Selfie Rattlesnake Bite

Apparently Fassler already has a pet rattlesnake of his own—perhaps that is why he felt so comfortable trying to interact with the one he found in the wild.

His poor decision is startling reminder to keep a safe distance from all wild animals, but especially ones that are known to be venomous and harmful to human.

Fassler has been saddled with a hefty hospital bill—over $150,000 in total—as an expensive reminder to be more mindful of dangerous creatures. Anti-venom apparently runs at least $2,000 per vial, and doctors depleted the stash of two different local hospitals in order to save Fassler’s life, ABC 10 reports. He was kept in medical care for five days.