A Mother and Her Young Daughter Are Forever Scarred from Vicious Acid Attack (PHOTOS)

On a summer night in 2011, Somayeh Mehri and her daughter, Rana, were fast asleep when they were attacked with acid by Somayeh’s husband, Abbas.

Before the attack, Somayeh was often beaten and locked up by her abusive, controlling husband. One day, she got the courage to request a divorce, but Abbas warned her that if she ever left that she would pay the price — he told her she would never again live the life she was had.

Abbas’s brutal vengeance burned his wife and daughter’s hands, face, and various other places on their bodies. Somayeh became completely blind and had her lungs damaged in the attack, and her daughter lost one of her eyes during the incident.

Somayeh’s father, Reza, was forced to sell his land to help pay for his family’s medical expenses, and even local villagers pitched in to make sure they could go on to live somewhat of a normal life.

Sadly, Somayeh died of respiratory complications on April 13, 2015.

Photos: Ebrahim Noroozi