MYSTERY SOLVED! A113 In Top Animated Films & Shows Is Not an Illuminati Code — It’s Much More!

Conspiracy theorists throughout the U.S. and beyond have long tried to figure out why the sequence “A113 (sometimes featured as A-113 and A1-13”) shows up in numerous animated films. Hollywood skeptics have actually gone as far to create videos that claim the Illuminati has infiltrated animated films and use “A113” as a secret code. The above slideshow provides 14 examples of animators inserting the sequence within various scenes.

This video is a perfect example of what conspiracy theorists have drummed up:

Did this video get your mind spinning? Are you beginning to believe Hollywood is working hard to sneak its secret code into your brain to secretly transform you into a vampire?

Let’s get real before you start freaking out or ban your children from watching their favorite animated films/shows. The real explanation is actually quite simple. A113 is a classroom number at the California Institute of the Arts, where some of the greatest animators of all time honed their crafts. Noted animators who graduated from the school include John Lasseter, Brad Bird, Andrew Stanton, and Pete Docter.

A113 was first used by Brad Bird in an episode of “Amazing Stories.” He then began inserting it into every “Simpsons” episode that he animated.

Like most amazing conspiracy theories, the reality behind them is much less glamorous.