Abandoned Baby Rescued from Toilet Pipe by a Heroic Cop

Most of us can’t imagine abandoning a baby. It happens in this country, but nowhere near as often as it happens to china, especially to baby girls and babies with disabilities.

The latest horror is that a tiny newborn baby girl was dumped in a toilet in Western Beijing. People in the public building called the police after hearing the baby’s crying echoing from below the lavatory. She was trapped in a pipe.

“The baby’s head was pointing downwards and her whole body had already fallen into the drain. We could only see the baby’s feet from the side,” Qian Feng, the police officer who rescued the baby, told the Beijing Times.

But the heroic Qian pulled the baby out of the pipe, wrapped her in a towel and sent her to the hospital. The little girl’s condition is stable. Police are still investigating who the mother is and who left the little girl in a public toilet.

The saddest part of this story is that over 10,000 babies are abandoned in China every year. So many Chinese babies are deserted each year that some cities have set up“baby safety islands” where parents can leave their unwanted babies.But social workers suspended this  project in Guangzhou last year because they couldn’t keep up with the outrageous numbers of abandoned babies.