Visitors to an Abandoned Children’s Hospital Get the Scare of Their Lives

As much as we love pranking other people here at the office, we hate being scared.

If we were the people in this frightening prank set up by Scottish filmmaker Lawrie Brewster, we would probably need years and years of therapy to be able to sleep sound at night.

The video, which is a promotion for Brewsters new movie titled Lord of Tears, features a man dressed up as a really freaky owl monster waiting to scare visitors eager to explore the abandoned St. Mary’s Children Hospital.

Needless to say, the reactions of those pranked are hilariously priceless.

While some scream and run for their lives, the guy in the second clip gets into the fetal position and covers his eyes — thinking he was about to be murdered by the creature.

Brewster explains the meticulous planning that went into the prank:

“The St Mary’s Children’s Hospital prank was carefully set up over a period of several weeks, where we assessed how often visitors went to the hospital and what times they were most likely to appear. Once we were confident that our unfortunate victims were most likely to appear during a certain day and time, we lay in wait.”

How would you react in a situation like this?

For one thing, willingly entering into a rundown abandoned children’s hospital is eerie in itself. We don’t even want to imagine what kind of embarrassing things we’d do if we were to come face to face with this monster!