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PHOTOS: China’s Massive Abandoned City That’ll Make You Believe the Apocalypse Is Now

The semi-new town of Kangbashi is located in Northern China, near Mongolia. It was created to accommodate more than one million residents, but what country officials didn’t seem to expect was that very few people would be able to afford to live there!

It all began in the early 2000s, when over $1 billion was put into the city. According to recent figures, just over 20,000 people live in the city today. According to the Daily Mailthe problem is that home prices are way to high for those looking to buy.

In an effort to reveal the beauty and strange vibe of the city, photographer Raphael Olivier took amazing photos that are featured on CNN. We’ve also collected a handful of other photos that people from around the world have shared of the city.

When interviewed by CNN, Olivier shared that Kangbashi is full of paradoxes. “There’s the super-modern edgy Ordos Museum [by MAD Architects], the more boring, modern Chinese residential blocks, unfinished projects… as well as the influence of Soviet-style architecture.”

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