Man Finds Abandoned Farmhouse in Welsh Countryside — What He Found Inside Will Stir Your Imagination

Photographer Dan Circa recently captured a time capsule farmhouse located in the Welsh countryside.

The property, dubbed the ‘Cloud House’ by locals in the area, stands in a remote location surrounded by cloud-topped mountains. The house was left abandoned in the 1950s, but it isn’t the fact that it has been unoccupied for so long that’s fascinating – it’s that the house still contains most or all of the personal belongings that the residents left there all those years ago.

“There were just so many interesting items left behind. For me, the collection of pocket watches, the grandfather clock and the organ were the highlights” Circa said of some of the items he found, all covered in dust.

There were other everyday things that captured his attention: a coat that was hanging from a wardrobe door, a pair of glasses that sat on a shelf, a photograph of a young couple – possibly the owners of the house. There was even out-of-date food in the pantry from brands that no longer exist. It really looks like the occupants just up and left.

Although the locals in the area are aware of the house, its location doesn’t welcome in much traffic.

“There is no accessible road and the land is boggy and usually flooded due to the rain water coming down from the mountains,” Circa explains.

Its remote location, perhaps, is to account for the lack of knowledge about the farmhouse’s past.

“Not a great deal of information is known about this house” Circa said, adding “There were few documents left inside to be able to do any detective work.”

He then goes on to lay out what he gathered from his time inside: “Due to the lack of any children’s items, I can only assume that the farmer and his wife had no one to leave the farm to after they died. [The farmer] seems to have served in the navy, probably during World War II, as there was a navy belt buckle and a few photos of warships and navy personnel – unfortunately they were a bit too far gone to photograph.”

Circa explains his fascination with the house, and with capturing these moments before it’s too late.

“People are generally stunned that places like this exist, but it was very photogenic and had to be documented before it’s all gone. I have a problem with time, as it flies by so quickly. Photography is the only way I know how to stop it.”