Abandoned Italian Castles and Mansions Are Glorious Reminders of a Bygone Era

Photographer Stefano Perego has a passion for exploring castles, villas and luxury hotels that have been left abandoned for years and years and have transformed into places that border “between reality and imagination.”

He finds the seemingly sad and desolated locations hold “a lot of glory, power, melancholy, charm,” and explains when it comes to what really draws him to these areas, it’s how time changes things.

“Amazing rays of light come in from the holes in the walls, the mold blends with the paint creating unbelievable colors, water puddles become mirrors for the structures,” he says. “Photographer is just part of the exploration.”

He recently explored castles and other luxury spots in Italy that have been subjected to the effects of time and isolation, but still hold a magnificence unmatched by anything else in the world.

Check out the incredible images above and let your imagination run wild.