Get a Glimpse into the Horrific Past of the Abandoned Forest Haven Mental Asylum

When it opened in 1925, the Forest Haven asylum was used as a children’s development center in addition to a mental institution. By the time it closed down in 1991, it had garnered the sullied reputation of a facility that abused its patients, using such horrific practices as shock therapy, hydrotherapy and lobotomies as treatments. It had also served as a cemetery for a number of years for the patients who died there and were unceremoniously buried in unmarked graves in the grounds.

Today it regularly comes up in the ratings for the top 10 haunted locations in the state of Maryland, where it is located in Laurel.

So when photographer Darryl Morgan recently visited the place, it’s no wonder what he found was eerie and unsettling. Rotting equipment, disintegrated personal belongings and ancient-looking furniture all lent a chilling vibe to the place that housed so many horrors in the past.

“The place was surreal” he explained, describing it as “a crumbling time capsule.”

“It was a rare look into the dark past of mental health care” he also shared. “This asylum had an extra creep factor because everything was left behind from when the doors close for the last time. I’ll never forget the state of decay – seeing patient records and their personal belongings left in exactly the same place all those years ago.”

Check out the haunting images above.