SEE: What Happens When Thousands of Fish Take over an Abandoned Mall

Nothing gets our post-apocalyptic sensibilities going quite like images of abandoned man-made venues overtaken by nature.

Extra points if it’s a place known to be crowded with humans and built exclusively for people-related activities, like commerce.

Case-in-point: The New World Mall in Bangkok used to be a shopping center rife with shoppers and workers until it was shut down in 1997. According to, building code violations coupled with a huge fire that destroyed its roof led to its closing and abandonment.

Fast forward to today and the place is overtaken with thousands of fish that fill up the halls and walkways of the lower floor and lend the place an eerie feel.

It’s creepy alright, but this isn’t exactly a case of Mother Nature taking over all by herself – although that would make this story ten times cooler. A Dangerous Minds writer reports a major mosquito outbreak occurred after rain water slowly filled up the abandoned building. The problem got so bad that locals introduced freshwater fish to eat up the pesky insects in order to thwart the budding population.

Although the mosquito population decline the fish group only grew and have now become somewhat of a tourist destination with shops around the mall selling fish food for those who want to check it out.

Luckily, you don’t have to travel to Thailand to check out the scene. Scroll through the images above.