PHOTOS: Why Are There CREEPY Abandoned Suburban Ghost Towns in Ireland?

These perfectly good suburban neighborhoods sit untouched and have never been occupied.

This leads any discerning individual to ask, “Why the heck not?” The answer is tied to the housing bubble burst that occured in 2008.

In the above photos, photographer Valérie Anex has attempted to “evoke the dynamic that leads from consumer fetishism to the collapse of the economic system.”

She definitely accomplishes her goal. It raises the question in my mind: How can banks and society at large in general allow for perfectly good homes to go to waste when there are families that could put them to amazing use?

Yes, if you wonder, I do understand the basics about money and the risk of investment. If there is no money, there is no money. There was certainly enough money to bail out the banks, but the homeowner or builder? No cigar.

According to an extensive New York Times reportas of the end of 2013 there were an estimated 1,300 “ghost estates” that sat unused. And the problem isn’t only related to lack of cash.

Back in the early 2000s, the economy was “booming,” which inspired Irish legislators to ease up on building codes. This resulted in homes filled with faulty foundations, cracked walls, and more.

The homes not only represent the unwillingness of the banks to help, but the lack of oversight that can occur when the government doesn’t look out for the consumer.

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