WARNING: This Abandoned Prison Video Will Give You the Creeps!

Go inside the abandoned York County Prison with Urban Explorers. You’ll quickly notice that some pretty creepy deterioration has occurred over time.

The video will take you on an extensive tour through its hallways and into bathrooms, jail cells, offices, and more.

The building has recently been in the news, as a court-appointed panel was tasked with figuring out how to pay the former owners of the property. Some time ago, York’s Redevelopment Authority took it over by eminent domain. Its former owners John E. and Joyce E. Gearhart weren’t happy with the results.

The former jail sits on 2.9 acres, and sees quite a bit of bold explorers trying to sneak onto its grounds.

According to the Daily York Record, the prison was built in 1906 and was closed in 1979 when a new facility was opened in the Springettsbury Township. It contained 84 cells.

In the 1980s, there were some talks of turning the building into a restaurant, but that never panned out.