WATCH: Two Girls Live in One Body & Continually Defy the Odds

We came across a captivating documentary surrounding Abby and Brittany Hensel, 24, of Minnesota were born as identical conjoined twins. The above video chronicles their quest to earn their driver’s license, along with their inspiring life story.

They have worked together to defy the odds as one of 12 conjoined twins in the world.

According to the BBC, they both have a set of lungs, two hearts, two stomachs, while sharing a single liver, large intestine, and reproductive system. From the beginning, the twins have had to work together to coordinate their movements and actions. Abby controls the right and Brittany the left.

One of their main challenges is their height difference. Abby is 5ft 2in and Brittany 4ft 10 in. To compensate, Brittany must stand on the tips of her toes.

For full details, enjoy the video above, and you can even see their show on TLC. We promise you will be amazed and inspired by their courage and determination!

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