Abducted Teen Escapes After Two Years with Her Kidnapper

In March, 2014, a 15-year-old girl named Ana Saito vanished on her walk home from school in Askana, Japan. She was last reported to have been seen talking to a young man. She wouldn’t be heard from again for another two years.

At the time, her family received a handwritten note saying “I need a little break from home and from school. I’ll be at my friend’s house for now. Please do not come searching for me,” The Daily Mail reported.

Now, the world is finally learning what happened to this schoolgirl, and how she managed to escape.

Saito was allegedly kidnapped by a 23-year-old man named Kabu Terauchi, who held her captive with him in his apartment. In fact, it is believed that over the course of two years the pair moved apartments several times—with Terauchi keeping Saito in a trunk to conceal her from detection.

Saito was closed watched at all times, except when Terauchi would leave to go shopping and would lock her in.

That window of time actually turned into Saito’s saving grace, after Terauchi left one day and forgot to lock the door.

Saito told The Japan Times that she took the opportunity to escape. She found a payphone and called her mother, then the police. Police apparently found her in the street.

When authorities arrived, they reportedly found Terauchi bleeding from a box cutter wound to the neck. It’s possible that he attempted suicide in an effort to escape the consequences of his actions.

Happily, Saito has finally been reunited with her family after two long, harrowing years.

According to a full report from Japan Times, Terauchi is being held in custody after being treated for his neck wounds at a hospital.

Police said he will be charged with kidnapping after his injuries have healed enough.