WATCH: Abusive Cop Accidentally Kicks Another Cop in the Head

We’ve seen countless videos of police abuse, but we’ve yet to see one quite like this.

In the above video captured inside a New York City subway station, a plainclothes officer joins a few fellow officers in trying to subdue and arrest an alleged fare-dodger. In typical NYPD fashion, his first move is to drive his boot into the perpetrator’s head, but instead he kicks a fellow officer who was also on the ground, engaged in the tussle.

The offending officer, wearing gray sweatshirt, jeans and brown boots, can be heard saying “Oh, shit” after realizing his mistake. “He kicked the cop,” a woman off-camera can be heard saying, and laughing.

The plainclothes policeman gives his injured comrade a little pat on the head before getting on top of the fare-dodger and punching him in the head for good measure. Both instances of the officer’s brutality are clearly visible in the video, captured in January at the Coney Island/Stillwell Avenue station by photographer Rod Risbrook and published on DNA Info.

The officer, whose name is unknown, was stripped of his gun and badge. Internal affairs and the Brooklyn District Attorney’s officer are investigating the incident.