Accepting the Death of a Pet Is Never Easy, But This Couple Does It in the Most Beautiful Way

Helena and Laurent will never forget the day that their beloved dog, Lunga, passed away.

The couple are San Francisco-based wedding photographers familiar with capturing priceless moments in time.

So, when Lunga (who was once part of a traveling circus ) died, it’s no surprise that they chose to send her off in the most beautiful way imaginable.

Having endured the death of a dearly loved pet, I know what a heartbreaking feeling it is to have to say goodbye. It’s a great sense of loss, and seeing these photographs, I couldn’t help but shed a few tears.

There are  people who say their dogs are their best friends, providing years of loyalty and devotion. You know those days when you feel that you have no friends and life just sucks, only to have your 70-pound lap dog look at you and remind you that you’re loved, no matter what? It’s priceless.

Some of the most poignant and historically memorable photographs have come from acknowledging and celebrating the death of a loved one. By sharing their story with the world, Helena and Laurent are helping the memory of Lunga live on forever.

“Lunga the dog was a very special dog, she had a human heart,” their blog says. “We planted a Weeping Cherry tree over the place where she now rests, in an urban farm plot owned by family.  She will always be surrounded by bunnies, chickens, and her best dog-friend Quila.”












Image Source: Helena and Laurent