Boy Scout Trying to Earn Knot Tying Badge Dies in Accidental Hanging

Police report that a 10-year-old boy scout died in what looks to be an accidental hanging, WGN-TV reports.

AJ Underwood of Oneonta, Alabama had reportedly been working to obtain his scout badge for knot tying. The rope he’d been working with to earn his badge was the same used in the accidental hanging, police report.

The incident occurred at the Underwood’s home residence on Friday around 5 p.m. AJ’s mother and three younger sisters were preparing for a birthday party during the accident. When AJ didn’t answer his mother’s calls that it was time to leave, she went up to his bedroom and found him hanging from a rope tied to the top of his bunk bed.

“There’s absolutely nothing to indicate he did this on purpose,” Onenta Police Chief James Chapman told the Huntsville Times. “He had been in good spirits, he was making good grades.”

He was pronounced dead after being rushed to a nearby hospital, although authorities believe that his death was instant. AJ’s family and friends have set up a fund to help pay for his funeral, called Prayers for AJ Underwood. You can donate if you wish to help.