According to This Video, Women Are Just as Perverted as Men

Guys get the well-deserved reputation for being pervs who always stare at women’s breasts, butts and everything in between. While we inherently know that women can be as dirty as they want to be, and that they also enjoy sex just as much as men, what people don’t often talk about is that women are just as perverted as men.

That’s the lesson learned in this video from BarryBeePranks on YouTube. In the video above, this guy puts a fake boner stick in his pants along with a camera; you can skip the first couple seconds of the video if you don’t want to see the crotch bulge. From there, he observes women checking him out in the subway, you’ll be surprised at their reactions. In each clip, he was “looking the other way, reading or pretending to sleep.”

This actually shouldn’t be too much of a surprise. If you’ve ever watched a group of middle-aged women let loose at a male strip show, you’d quickly be reminded that women don’t only like romance novel soft porn. They are clearly perverts, too, going after that stripper with a frenzy that’s sometimes stunning! And, it’s a good bet that any dude would do a double take if he saw this guy’s package on display in public. It’s just such a shocking site, you can’t help but notice it.

Still, it’s funny to check out. The short video is above, and a more in-depth video is below. #YoureWelcome.