Autism Activist Allegedly Murders Her Autistic Son in Tragic Story

Mother Jillian McCabe, 34, called police in her native Newport, Oregon last night to confess to the murder of her six-year-old son. She told police she’d thrown her son London McCabe off the Yaquina Bay Bridge.

She was arrested on charges of aggravated murder and first-degree manslaughter. After she turned herself in, authorities found a body they believe to be her son’s floating at a nearby marina.

London McCabe was reportedly autistic and his mother had previously created a crowdfunding campaign on to help her care for London and her husband after a diagnosis of multiple sclerosis (MS) and a mass in his brain stem left him unable to work.

She wrote on the page:

I am taking care of our son London and now Matt full-time. Luckily, we are receiving unemployment from when Matt was laid off. I am applying for any and all assistance available. The real blow for us was that we were denied charity services from Providence Hospital because they know our situation is so dire, we will receive state assistance. SSI can take months to go through and I am scared.

I love my husband and he has taken care of myself and my son for years and years and now it’s time for me to take the helm. I am scared and I am reaching out. I hope I am not coming across trashy or over-reactionary. I must explore every avenue to take care of my family right now.

Jillian also ran a blog about her experiences raising London, along with her husband Matt, called “Autistic London.” The blog has been pulled online since the incident, but there are archived posts available to view, including one in which Jillian lists the aspects of her life that get her through the day, keeping her from “pulling a Thelma & Louise.”

Matt and Jillian apparently separated earlier in the year, but more recent posts indicated things were improving between the two of them, and Jillian had moved back in.

“Jillian is living with us, too. London is pleased as punch,” Matt wrote last month. “He lays on our laps and puts our hands together. Last night he made the ‘mmmwha!’ sound and gave his Mommy a kiss. Then he made the same sound and pushed our faces together. He’s all smiles.”

Jillian McCabe is currently being held on $750,000 bail.

UPDATE: According to KGW Portland, court documents revealed that McCabe told police she heard voices telling her to throw her son off the bridge.