Actress Accuses Bill Cosby of Raping and Drugging Her for Years

Many women have accused celebrated comedian and sitcom star Bill Cosby of rape throughout his long career, a fact frequently covered up by his PR machine. The unfortunate accusations came up in the news once again after contemporary comedian Hannibal Buress mentioned during a stand-up set that Cosby has been accused of rape 13 times.

The joke prompted one of Cosby’s accusers to step forward to detail the years of alleged abuse she suffered. Barbara Bowman previously came forward in 2006, but she’s now revealed how Cosby allegedly drugged and raped her in an interview with the Daily Mail.

“I’m finally revealing all of my full story in hopes that others will learn to read the tell-tale signs of abuse and not wait as long as I did,” she said. “No one believed me for years.”

Bowman, now 47, was only 17 years old when the reported abuse began. She was a hopeful young model and actress living in Denver when Cosby took an interest in her, and began paying to fly her to his stand-up gigs across the nation, insisting she think of him as a father figure. It began with a private audition, when Cosby was in Colorado performing, but there were signs of the abuse to come even then.

“The first thing Mr. Cosby said when he met me in the conference room was, ‘I want you to go in the bathroom and wet your hair…then sit in this chair, shut your eyes and do an improvisation exercise with me,'” Bowman said. “He wanted me to act completely drunk, wasted, while he stood behind me and stroked my neck and upper chest. He didn’t touch me beyond that, on that day, but that’s where it certainly started.”

Bowman was scared around Cosby, but he was a powerful man at the time, and she hoped he could help her climb the ladder to success. He pampered her, flying her to glamorous events and vacations around the nation on his dime, but never making good on his promises to get her auditions or have her appear on The Cosby Show.

Cosby, Bowman said, even befriended her mother and grandparents, flying them too to Broadway shows, so they would know Barbara was in good hands.

From the Daily Mail:

‘By the time I was drugged and raped by him in New York, he’d already broken me down, brainwashed me and made me feel like there was something wrong with me if I resisted his sexual advances.

‘Bill would say that he needed to guide me, and that I must trust him. When he’d fill me in on my next itinerary to meet him, he would say, “You’re not going to fight me this time, are you?” He’d remind me that if I was going to be a successful actress, I’d have to break down my barriers and “learn to be vulnerable.”‘

Bowman detailed another instance wherein she passed out with Cosby after drinking only a single glass of wine. When she awoke, she was throwing up into a toilet in only her underwear and a man’s shirt, with Cosby holding her hair back.

Bowman intended to press charges against Cosby in 2006, with the testimony of another alleged victim, but her case was settled out of court, forcing her to abandon the case too.

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