Ad Agency Reminds Us Why We Should Make an Effort to Compliment Strangers

Sometimes, just one compliment can shift someone’s entire mood¬†from miserable to happy. As you are probably aware, most people feel good when they receive a compliment, even if it’s from a complete stranger.

Brazilian ad agency Africa Zero came up with the concept of giving folks compliments in real-time to try and promote Nutrella, a brand of bread.

To carry out the task, they placed mirrors out on the street and surprised people walking by (or checking themselves out) with flattering remarks. As expected, their reactions are awesome!

Complimenting someone is free and takes almost no time at all, but it can have quite the lasting effect — often bringing intense joy to the person on the receiving end.

How often do you receive compliments from complete strangers? Do you remember the last time you complimented a stranger?