Adam Levine Helps 10-Year-Old Super-Fan Get Through a Panic Attack in the Best Way

Adam Levine and the band Maroon 5 gave one fan the treat of a lifetime when they offered to meet the 10-year-old backstage after one of their concerts, ABC News reported.

Christopher Warner, who has Down Syndrome, loves Maroon 5 and is a hard-core Adam Levine fan. Just look at a few clips of the youngster on YouTube and it’s easy to tell he’s the musical group’s number one fan. So when the band invited him and is his parents to meet them backstage after a concert, it was a dream come true.

However when it came time to actually meet his heroes in real life, things didn’t quite go as planned.

Christopher sometimes struggles with anxiety in new situations. When he was brought over to meet the band he experienced a full-blown panic attack and had to lay down on the floor with his mother there to calm him.

Instead of ending the meet-and-greet right then and there, Levine and his band mates joined Christopher on the ground to help him feel more at ease and comfortable. They even posed for pictures on the floor, so Christopher could have a memento of the occasion.

maroon 5 meet up 2

Christopher’s mom told ABC:

“When he [Christopher] realized it was his turn, he was very shy at first. I kind of got down on the floor and he was hiding behind me. Then Adam said ‘that’s ok, we’ll all get down on the floor.’ It wasn’t beneath him to lay down on a locker room floor with Christopher.”

Christopher listens to Maroon 5 every day as his reward for completing schoolwork. He apparently even draws pictures of the band and has memorized all of their songs. Some of his teachers put together a compilation video of him expressing his love for the band and tweeted it out to the musicians.

See the video below.